Tactical vote??

During elections many people will look to tactical voting recommendations when deciding. Usually this tactical vote is to keep the Conservatives out of government, and is used by progressive parties to maximize chances in your first past the post system.

In 2017 tacticalvote.co.uk recommended the Lib Dems as best chance to beat the Tories in Newton Abbot (Teignbridge). Due to a surge in support for Labour, James Osben our candidate achieved a 12% swing, beating the Lib Dems into 2nd place.

Labour is now the only party who can beat hard right, ERG’er Anne Marie Morris.

Labour heading for a win in Newton Abbot

There is a large range of tactical voting sites, all with different recommendations, before you take their recommendation do a bit of research, look at past election results, take into account policy and voting records.


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  1. Why would Labour stand down?
    Most tactical voting sites recommend the part in 2nd place, everybody know that local and EU elections do not translate directly into general election results.

    We all know the consequences of voting for a Liberal Democrat, 2010 they were the vote against the tories. But Nick Clegg betrayed millions of votes who trusted him to make a difference, especially students. Millions will never forget this betrayal!

    Labour is now the only party offering a real alternative to years of austerity owned by the Tories and supported by the Liberal Democrats. Labour has a plan to rebuild those communities left behind by the tories, but not only that is the only party which will bring the country together.

    VOTE LABOUR ON 12th DEC – James Osben will be a fantastic MP for Newton Abbot.

  2. It seems that recent polls suggest that Lib Dems are more likely to take the seat from Anne-Marie. Whatever happens, surely we must do our best to get rid of her and her unspeakable leader who is driving this country to ruin, apart from being dishonest and stupid. Please James, would you consider standing down so that we can get rid of Anne-Marie? I know it is a huge ask, but this is about all our futures, especially that of our younger people, and although a huge sacrifice for you, it would at least bring you huge respect.

    1. I will not be standing down as you have requested. It would not be right for me to stand aside. You are right that this is the most important election of our lifetime and this is the reason we need a Labour Government and a Labour MP in Newton Abbot.

      In 2017 I stood as the Labour candidate in Newton Abbot and Labour came 2nd and saw a positive 12.4% swing in the vote share while the Liberal Democrats saw a loss of -3.4%. This was despite what the tactical voting websites said and despite the local election results. In the local election results this year Labour gained their first Councillor in Cllr Ryan Hall.

      Unfortunately there is a lot of misleading and inaccurate information out there at the moment. There are tactical voting websites headed by Liberal Democrats who are encouraging people to vote for them even when they are not the second party. In some cases they are nowhere near winning. They are the third party in Newton Abbot. Labour are the second party and the party to beat the Conservative Anne Marie Morris.

      This election will be a choice between a Labour Government and a Conservative Government. The Liberal Democrats will not win enough seats to form a government. The Conservatives have decided to ignore the 48% of remain voters who voted in the referendum and they have committed to delivering a damaging Brexit deal come what may. The Liberal Democrats have decided to ignore the 52% of voters that voted leave in the referendum and revoke article 50 if elected. This is not only undemocratic but it is impossible for them to deliver. They will not be the next government.

      The Labour Party are offering the chance of a real People’s Vote. Labour will call for a referendum as soon as they are elected. They will negotiate the best possible deal with Europe, protecting workers rights, human rights and the environment and put this back to the people with remain as an option. This is democratic and right. Neither the Conservatives nor the Liberal Democrat’s are offering a People’s Vote.

      If everybody who didn’t vote in 2017 gets out and votes and if everybody who voted tactically for the Liberal Democrats votes for me on 12th December then we stand a chance of defeating Anne Marie Morris and Boris Johnson.

      The Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats both voted in favour of austerity when in coalition in 2010 to 2015. Please check the voting record of both Anne Marie Morris and the Liberal Democrat Leader Jo Swinson. They have consistently voted in favour of punishing austerity policies. The consequence of these policies has harmed some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in our country. I have seen this first hand while working as a nurse in the NHS. Austerity has plunged millions into poverty and seen people actually lose their lives. I wouldn’t trust the Liberal Democrats not to form another coalition with the Conservatives. Jo Swinson has been extremely anti Jeremy Corbyn and anti Labour Party. She has not been so negative about Boris Johnson and the Conservatives.

      The real choice this election is between Labour and Conservatives. Your choice in Newton Abbot is between me and Anne Marie Morris. Please have a look at my Facebook page for more information:


      Below are some facts and figures about how people have been effected by Conservative and Liberal Democrat backed austerity policies.

      Teignbridge schools and schools across the South West have been underfunded by hundreds of pounds per pupil compared to other schools. Type in your postcode and see how much your local schools have been underfunded by:


      The Sunday Times lists Teignbridge as the worst performing local authority for people without jobs.

      “Teignbridge in Devon has seen its claimant count rise almost 110% from 565 to 1185 – a higher percentage than anywhere else.”

      In other words Teignbridge is the worst performing local authority in the Country.

      The council was under Tory control and is now under Lib Dem control.

      This is a failure of both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrat’s. They were in government together and instigated austerity together. Their policies have punished families and people with mental illness.

      People have contacted me for support where Anne Marie Morris has turned them away. Through local charities and organisations we have been able to support people who have been at risk of being made homeless and who have had difficulty getting support they need. This has included families and people with ongoing mental health concerns.

      Newton Abbot Teignbridge needs a change. It needs the support of a Labour Government and a Labour MP who will act to make a difference for residents.

      The cost of a Liberal Democrat backed Conservative government is that people actually lose their lives:

      131,000 preventable deaths: (Institute for Public Policy Research)


      More than 17,000 sick and disabled people have died while waiting for welfare benefits


      I’ve worked with some very vulnerable and unwell people who have been made to jump through hoops to obtain the benefits they need. People who need care, compassion and support have been treated as scroungers and are made to feel guilty and less than human. This has been the cost of a Conservative government.

      14 million people in the UK live in poverty and over a million using food banks (UN report on poverty 2018)


      Waiting for a payment from Universal Credit was ‘the final nail in the coffin’ for a single dad who killed himself:


      Man wins fit-for-work appeal seven months after his death


      Man with cancer dies before he could appeal DWP ruling he was ‘fit to work’


      Dying man deemed ‘not sick enough’ for benefits’


      300 nurses died by suicide in 7 years:


      400 Doctors died by suicide in 4 years:


      I could go on. This is the real consequence of Tory Britain. Sadly the Liberal Democrats enabled the Conservatives to do this and that should not be forgotten.

      Teachers, nurses and all public sector workers have seen a pay freeze and wages are still pretty much where they were 10 years ago.

      Schools and hospitals have been chronically underfunded. Teachers and parents have had to buy schools equipment/essentials because the schools don’t have the funds. Some schools have had to close early. Hospitals have not been able to cope due to 43000 nurse vacancies and thousands of vacancies for Doctors. Every winter the crisis gets worse. The stress and pressure on NHS staff has been immense. Is it any wonder why hundreds have taken their own lives?

      This is the real cost of Tory Britain enabled and supported by the Liberal Democrats.

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