Teignbridge needs Labour’s Manifesto for real change

This weekend Labour activists have been out in the 3 towns speaking to the public about Labour’s radical manifesto. It has been well received by the public.

Newton Abbot Street Stall

The public are right to be exciting by the plans Labour has for the UK, check out the highlights from our manifesto:

Build 150’000 council and genuinely affordable homes a year by the end of the first term.

Create 1 million green jobs.

Introduce a windfall tax on oil and gas companies.

A real living wage of £10 an hour.

Bring the “big six” energy companies into public ownership.

Bring rail, mail and water into public ownership

Scrap Universal Credit. Stop work capability and PIP assessments.

Deliver free and fast full-fibre broadband for all

Create a National Care Service, with free personal care for over 65s.

Create a National Education Service, with 6 years free adult education and no university tuition fees.

Extend full voting rights to all UK residents.

Free prescriptions in England.

Free Dental check ups

A credible plan for Brexit – secure a new deal and put it to a legally binding referendum within 6 months.

Our full manifesto is available below, along with full costings.


Teignmouth Street Stall