Public Ownership? We can’t afford not to…

Public Ownership? We can’t afford not to…

We can’t afford NOT to have public ownership. Privatisation is leaking out £13 billion a year (£250 million a week). We can’t afford to keep wasting billions so a handful of shareholders can profit from failed privatisation.

Sky high rail fares. Polluted rivers. A National Grid that fails to link up with community renewable projects. Post Offices and bus routes closing down. Competition in our NHS.

Public ownership is a great deal for the public purse – but a tiny number of vested interests, backed by the billionaire press, don’t want it to happen.

The right wing press are not on the side of you and me.
They’re on the side of the bankers, the shareholders, the asset managers, the profiteers.

We should be investing money into public services so we can make society fairer and tackle the climate crisis. Not wasting billions on shareholder dividends.