Election on Thursday 6 May 21 : Residents of Shaldon, Ipplepen and the Kerswells

A message from your Labour candidate, John Hodgson

Why vote Labour?

Labour is the only major party that genuinely believes in government by and for the people.  The Tories put their friends first in the pandemic.   Track and Trace was headed by a university chum of Boris Johnson with no medical experience.   Government cronies received millions of pounds to make unsuitable PPE equipment.   The result was the highest death toll in Europe and the fifth highest in the world.

Yet the government hasn’t learned.   The US health corporation Centene is now the largest provider of GP services in England, covering a patient population of over half a million.   The proposal to close Teignmouth Hospital is strongly opposed by most residents, but will the Secretary of State decide in favour of local people?

As we come out of the pandemic, we need government that will put people’s needs first.   I have lived in Devon (except for a period in Bristol) since 1979.  I made a doctoral study of the lives and education of children in a coastal community of north Devon.  I know the importance of good housing, proper jobs and local transport.   As your Councillor, I will work to support you in your concerns and to communicate with you clearly and fully.  I will represent you at council meetings and in direct liaison with local organisations, businesses and interest groups, ensuring that council policy and decisions support the common good.  

Promoted by Roger Jackson on behalf of John Hodgson, both of The Old Cottage, Higher Ringmore Road, Shaldon TQ14 0HG.  Printed by John Hodgson of Flat 10, 1 South View, Teignmouth TQ14 8BJ