While maybe only a footpath to some, the sudden and hugely unpopular removal of a feature of one of Teignmouth’s biggest car parks late last year is yet further sign of the high handed action of local government in Devon.

There is too much complacency and a lack of proper checks and balances in the system. Proper scrutiny and oversight would have stopped the removal of this well used community asset from happening. Without change it will happen again.

Where’s our footpath?

We can all recall situations in our villages, towns, and cities, like the removal of the footpath and guardrail at East Cliff Car Park in Teignmouth. Here, without any apparent warning or need, a community facility is removed or altered. With a huge impact, especially on the most disadvantaged community members. 

No-one at the council is apparently responsible, with blame passed around. Councils rely on short memories and another problem arising.

Councils may plead poverty for their actions or lack of them and to a degree they have a point. However, the same old faces and the same political parties making the decisions leads to a lack of real scrutiny.

Ultimately, the removal of the pedestrian footpath at East Cliff Car Park is due to a lack of proper oversight and scrutiny at council level. This is in good part because, as is often the case in localities, the different levels of councils are run by the same party.

Councils such asTeignbridge and Teignmouth are run by the same political parties at present but without proper oversight and consultation. The East Cliff Car Park footpath has been allowed to be removed as there is no opposition on the councils involved.

This is where Labour’s candidates in Devon can and will make the difference if elected. We won’t be complacent and we will fully scrutinise what is going on.

Devon’s democracy in sum, therefore, needs Labour more than ever.

So come May 6th vote for us and we will supply what the parties running many of Devon’s councils will not or cannot.

Proper scrutiny and accountability. 

And let’s make sure no further footpaths and other beloved features of our beautiful county are lost forever.

Vote Labour 6th May 2021. Vote for Change.