Labour Continuing To Grow In Newton Abbot Constituency – A Big Thanks To All Our Voters!

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6th May 2021 Election Results

Overall our results were an improvement on the last Devon County Council election in 2017. In nearly all the Divisions we increased our share of the vote. So despite more competition, and only very limited campaign activity, we maintained, or improved, on our 2017 performance.

Not surprisingly in the Division where we did the most work, Teignmouth, we had one of our best performances growing our share from 10.4% in 2017 to 12.8% at this election. We also grew our share by 5.7% in Kingsteignton, where we were very fortunate to have Chris Robbiard standing, who is well known locally.

In the Town Council Elections in Teignmouth, we also did well. In Teignmouth Central, Jeff Pocock achieved 12.6% of the vote in a very busy field of candidates, including three locally well-known independents. In Teignmouth West Jackie Jackson achieved 21.7% of the vote and came second.

We should take heart from these results. Locally we have consolidated our position, and are in a good place to move further forward to the next set of elections in 2023.

Thanks again to all the many people who voted for our candidates.

The full results were:


00.0%MATTOCK      BruceTUSC691.4%
240751.9%NICKLESS             NoelConservative181837.5%
00.0%PETHERICK        LindaIndependent57111.8%
4539.8%POCOCK              JeffLabour Party3757.7%
3006.5%WARD                   RichardReform UK751.5%
147931.9%WRIGLEY           MartinLiberal Democrats192039.6%
4639100.0%RESULT 4852

Exminster & Haldon

213051.5%CONNETT     AlanLiberal Democrats252165.0%
2125.1%ROCKLIFFE LucyGreen Party3128.0%
1984.8%STUDLEY       BhavLabour Party2225.7%
151036.5%TUME             TerryConservative80620.8%
822.0% UKIP0 

Ipplepen & The Kerswells

204344.3%CLARENCE ChrisConservative159033.7%
212846.1%DEWHIRST AlistairLiberal Democrats182238.6%
1473.2%HODGSON  JohnLabour Party1713.6%
1603.5%READ          GrahamGreen Party1833.9%
00.0%TAYLOR          JaneIndependent92819.7%
4615100.0%RESULT      4718 

Kingsteignton & Teign Valley

90024.7%MACGREGOR AndrewLiberal Democrats81221.9%
00.0%OSBEN           JamesTUSC1534.1%
191152.4%PEART             RonConservative218258.9%
3178.7%ROBILLARD ChristopherLabour Party53314.4%
3599.8% Independent0 
1584.3% Green Party0 
3645100.0%RESULT 3707 

Newton Abbot (North)

102334.1%BULLIVANT    PhilConservative128038.4%
00.0%HALL                  RyanTUSC982.9%
40213.4%MULLONE    LiamIndependent83525.1%
2548.5%ROBSON      LesleyLabour Party2988.9%
116038.7%ROKIRILOV  EloiseLiberal Democrats79523.9%
1615.4% UKIP0 
3000100.0%  3333 

Newton Abbot (South)

00.0%BRADFORD   JanetIndependent115733.1%
2728.0%FITZSIMONS JohnLabour Party1905.4%
00.0%HADEN         JaneTUSC641.8%
93827.7%HALL                AlexConservative92826.5%
209161.6%PARKER          ColinLiberal Democrats96727.7%
912.7%PRATT             DougGreen Party1514.3%
3392100.0%RESULT 3496 


00.0%BROGAN      SeanTUSC2054.4%
171439.6%COX                DavidLiberal Democrats224047.9%
43710.1%JACKSON     JackieLabour Party60012.8%
173640.1%RUSSEL      SylviaConservative159434.1%
1934.5%Green Party0 
4329100.0%RESULT 4674 

Teignmouth Town Council (Central Ward)

BURGESS     NickyIndependent50230.1%
PIPER              RoxyIndependent1368.1%
POCOCK              JeffLabour Party21012.6%
UNDERHILL   KeithIndependent18511.1%
WILLIAMS   CateLiberal Democrats63638.1%
RESULT 1669 

Teignmouth Town Council (West Ward)

BROGAN      SeanTUSC15412.9%
COX                BeckyLiberal Democrats78365.4%
JACKSON     JackieLabour Party26021.7%