Events & Meetings

Our meeting are open to ALL members to have a say and vote on decisions. Agendas and minutes from previous meetings will be sent to all members via email at least 7 days before the meeting.

Feb 2020 Meetings

CLP Leadership & Deputy Leadership Nomination Meeting. Check you are eligible to vote with the guidance below.

Thursday 6th Feb – Venue: The Recreational Trust, Marsh Road, Newton Abbot.


As per Chapter 2; Clause II; 4 of the Labour Party Rule Book only those members who have passed their 8 week provisional period of membership at the relevant date shall have the right to attend and vote at CLP meetings. For these purposes, the relevant date agreed by the NEC is date on which the meeting is due to take place. Members who joined between 6 September and 12 December 2019 – and who are therefore subject to the NEC decision to extend the provisional membership period during the General Election – will be entitled to attend and vote, providing they have eight weeks continuous membership at the time of the meeting. Those members who are showing as being in arrears from after the relevant date, will be able to participate in the meeting provided they pay the arrears at the commencement of the meeting, or provide proof that they have since paid the arrears to the national party.

Teignmouth Branch Meeting

Tuesday 5th Feb – 7:30pm – Teignmouth Social Club

CLP All Member Meeting

Thursday 13th Feb – 7:30pm – Teignmouth Rugby Club

Newton Abbot and Kingsteignton Branch Meeting

Thursday 27th Feb – 7:30pm – Keyberry Pub