Our Parliamentary Candidate – James Osben

Get in touch with James

E-mail: jamesosben@gmail.com

Tel: 07738 389166

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jamesosbenlabourppc/

Our Parliamentary Candidate is James Osben!

He spoke passionately at the selection meeting, about the experiences in his life and work in the NHS which have made him believe in our need for a Labour, and a Corbyn government and the radical policies they will put into action. He won the selection, and will stand as our constituency candidate for Labour in the event of a general election. James is the Vice Chair of the Constituency, and will be canvassing across the constituency to increase the Labour vote. His wife Rheanne works with him in the Labour Party locally, and his baby daughter, Ava, is already well into canvassing and Labour meetings!!! James wants people to know that he is honoured to represent the people of the constituency, yourselves and the public generally, and will be happy to hear from you, about the things you would like to see changed, or that worry you.