OUR CANDIDATES FOR MAY 2019 ELECTIONS – TEIGNMOUTH AND DAWLISH – standing for Town and District Councils

CENTRAL TEIGNMOUTH WARD – LILLIAN CHASTEAU, has previously stood for County and Town Council, and her interest in local politics stems from the conviction that lasting change begins in the community. She is a home tutor, works with the Teignbridge based housing advice service, TeignAid, and is always working on building strong relationships with local businesses and services in the Teignbridge area; finding ways to make positive change together.
CENTRAL TEIGNMOUTH WARD – NOAH CHASTEAU grew up in Teignmouth, and has strong roots in the community. He decided to stand for Teignbridge Council, on behalf of the young people of the town, who lack representation in local politics. He hopes to bring an energising voice to the Council; a new perspective on the direction of development and growth in Central Teignmouth.
WEST TEIGNMOUTH WARD – JACKIE JACKSON, is passionate about equality, fairness, and about people’s rights. She has lived and worked in Devon for over 30 years, as a teacher and as a headteacher, which gave her a good insight into the needs of ordinary families and children and how to help them.
She feels the people of Teignmouth deserve a strong voice on the town and district councils, to stand up for their concerns and needs, and is willing to take practical action to support them.
WEST TEIGNMOUTH WARD – JEFF POCOCK, has been a teacher for over 2 decades, and has a good grounding on the issues that affect ordinary people. He grew up in London, where he saw the benefits strong councils can have for local people. He wants to contribute to strengthening and renewing council programmes and initiatives, to work towards a better,  more equal and inclusive society, both locally and through Labour, nationally.
EAST TEIGNMOUTH WARD – BRUCE MATTOCK cares about diversity and rights, housing and living conditions for people. Having discovered the extent of homelessness in the area, he took action and helped start up and run a community company called TeignAid, which supports those at risk of homelessness. He works tirelessly to support this organisation, and also belongs to UNITE COMMUNITY, and is active in union work across South Devon. He will campaign on health, social care, education, support for the disabled and for all diverse groups in society. \datastore
EAST TEIGNMOUTH WARD – MARILYN WARRENER has a great understanding of the challenges faced by local people, having worked for the Citizens’ Advice Bureau, advising those in any kind of need. She now works with TeignAid, supporting those who are in danger of homelessness. She cares about fairness and equality, and will stand up for those faced with benefit challenges and social care needs. She believes strongly in people’s rights, and works hard to change things for the better, for families and people locally.
SHALDON AND STOKEINTEIGNHEAD WARD – COLIN BAIGENT, would like to offer the people of Shaldon a chance to vote for Labour policies and values. He has worked in the aviation industry, managing his own company, carrying out consultation, auditing and training work. He is passionate about building a more socialist approach, supporting the development of fairer policies that take into account the needs of less privileged people, both locally and nationally. He is passionate about people’s rights.
DAWLISH SOUT WEST WARD, DYLAN LARGE, standing for the town Council. Dylan is keen to stand as a voice of hope for the people of South West Dawlish, especially the younger people, whose voice is not always heard.
He will campaign to bring a fresh approach to council matters and to improve the area’s environment and public image, encouraging visitors, and lobbying for safe places for young people to socialise. Dawlish’s rail and other transport issues are important to him, as they are to the townspeople. He would like Dawlish to be a welcoming place for all, an area that takes care of all people